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Apex Discovery

Apex Ventilations Ltd Discovery

Due to high demand we have introduced 'Apex Discovery' to our list of services we offer. 

Discovery is for those who have a pre-existing MVHR unit, but it has fallen into disrepair or has stopped working entirely. Many of our customers have used this service to ascertain if a replacement MVHR system would benefit them and their property. Many existing units in our experience were either designed or installed incorrectly and on many occasions without following Part F building regulations. 

Discovery allows us for a one off charge to attend your property and inspect the existing system and offer our experienced opinions on what the options would be. This may range from a full MVHR unit replacement to an advanced servicing dependent on the age and overall effectiveness of the current system.

An Apex Discovery site inspection price starts from £195 (price could increase due location of property)

Get in touch and see how we could help you.

Below is a short case study from a recent project that used apex discovery to work out the problems with their existing MVHR system. 

This customer had ongoing issues with their MVHR system, the unit had been replaced with a new one by the customer, but lasted 6 months before it stopped working. When Apex attended we discovered that the entire system in the loft space (mvhr unit and ducting) had been installed within a cold loft space, this means that condensation had been allowed to form within the poorly (against building regulations) insulated ducting. Because the unit had laid dormant for a few years, mold had started to form inside the ducts potentially creating health risks for the occupants inside the house. Original installation had also used pre insulated flexible ducting, part F building regulations clearly states that a maximum of 300mm is only to be used on each duct run and that it is to be pulled taut to prevent any unnecessary kinks or bending in the duct.

Our Apex Discovery visit allowed us to sensibly weigh up and discuss the possible options for the customer not only to replace the MVHR unit, but also the existing ducting within the loft space and use the appropriate and building regulated insulation. We went ahead with a full replacement of the entire system. The customer now has a well insulated, fully functioning and well maintained MVHR system that they can enjoy for the years to come.

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