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An introduction


Following an incredible amount of positive pressure, we have worked our way into being able to proudly provide full MVHR design. 

This ultimately means that we at Apex Ventilations Ltd can offer a full MVHR journey, taking you through the design process, supply all the specified materials, install your system as per the design, commission the MVHR system and then look after your kit for the years afterwards with our MVHR service offering.

We understand the importance of having a well thought out and detailed design and how crucial it is to achieve a high functioning, efficient and well performing system whilst performing at a minimal noise level.


Why use Apex?


Simply put, we understand top quality MVHR systems from our experienced years of installation and engineering. We have, for years, guided other MVHR designers in the right direction when their designs have fallen flat on site. We know that not everything on a piece of paper is going to practically work, so when we design, we look at the importance of the installation as much as any other part of the MVHR process. Because an unreadable and unimaginative design can lead to some catastrophic issues on site.


We also offer a pre design site visit (if applicable to your project) as part of our package to ensure that we get the design going in the right direction from the very first revision, this site visit is conducted by one of our trained and qualified lead installers, engineers or a member of our design team. 



  • We have expert knowledge of MVHR systems and low energy construction 

  • You will be assigned to one of our highly experienced & fully qualified MVHR designers who will be your point of contact throughout the whole design process. 

  • We will provide full detailed airflow calculations pre-design to ensure an appropriately sized MVHR unit has been specified (not undersized or drastically oversized) Failure to do so can lead to a high-pressure system and breakout noise issues. 

  • Carry out designs using specialist software to create detailed 2D & 3D plans. 

  • We will Liaise with key stakeholders including the client, architect, structural engineers, builders etc to ensure everyone throughout the whole design process.   

  • We also complete designs for Passivhaus & low energy projects 

  • We have a vast range of experience in new build & retrofit design and installation. 

  • Experience in designing for single bed flats up to multi million-pound houses and anything in between 

  • Experience in designing with both rigid steel and semi rigid ducting 


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