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Meet the Team

Ben Smart Apex Ventilations ltd

Director & Co Owner

Ben Smart

Ben has been working within the ventilation industry for 16 years, starting out as a sheet metal worker fabricating and manufacturing steel ducting, he then moved into domestic installation of ventilation systems. Ben has worked his way to become a stand out installer within the MVHR industry. With over 6 years MVHR on site experience, Ben's skills revolve around project management, MVHR installation and engineering.

Conor Young Apex Ventialtions Ltd

Lead Installer

Conor Young

Conor has been with the Apex team since 2020 and has worked his way through to become a lead installer, managing on site installation and Apex installers. 

Past Experience:

Previously Conor worked as an operations Manager for a busy transport firm, this provided Conor with some incredible leadership, communications, and teamwork skills. Which has been transferable into his current role.

Also, Conor’s previous roles within the construction industry include plastering, electrical and lead installation for different firms. The skills picked up from these roles offer him total experience of on-site work and use of tools.


What are your future goals?

I want be part of apex and grow alongside the company as an individual but also as a team. Eventually I’m hoping to step into a more supervisor/management role down the line when the company has a role that suits. 


Why Apex?

"I’ve been with apex for roughly 3 years, when I started, we were a small 3-man team which at one point became just me and another. Now we have multiple installation teams, a servicing/repairs team, and an office with our own admin/accounts/design supply team. So, I love and appreciate how the company is always growing and looking for ways to improve which is exciting and rewarding for me to be a part of Apex".

Tom Faulkner Apex Ventilations Ltd

Director & Co Owner

Tom Faulkner

Tom has worked his way through the MVHR industry for the past 5 years, starting out as an installer he progressed into MHVR design, installation supervision, engineering and then project management. Tom’s last role was with Green Building Store as their MVHR installation and aftersales manager before teaming up with Apex Ventilations. Tom’s 5 years experience is accompanied by his skill set and knowledge for MVHR systems, installation and MVHR maintenance.

Chris Miller Apex Ventilations Ltd

Lead Installer

Chris Miller

Chris has been with Apex since 2023, although a brief time Chris has shown some genuine top qualities that have quickly got him to one of our lead installers.

Chris’s dedication to understanding and installing MVHR has helped progress in such a short period of time.


Past Experience:

Chris previously worked for 13 years in the steel industry as a production supervisor, this gained him skills such as leadership, productivity, time management and problem solving which has aided his development within his job role with Apex and earned the reward of becoming one of our lead installers.
Chris also renovated cabins which allowed him to learn proper use of tools and read drawings, layouts and designs for different trades.


What are your future goals?

Ideally, I want to work towards having key understanding and total knowledge of domestic ventilation and importantly passivhaus requirements, this will work towards a constant improvement not only of my knowledge but for the overall Apex team.

I hope that I can aid Apex with its continued growth and help guide them in the right direction within this exciting industry.


Why apex?

"Apex are already showing signs of the potential to be one of the leading MVHR providers in the country, with a great team and foundation that provides the best service and knowledge from all aspects of MVHR. I’m excited to be a part of that and share their vision and philosophy. The training they now provide especially to the new installers coming through take them above and beyond any competitor out there currently offering MVHR installation".

Our Team

We have a dedicated team of installers that include lead and trainee installers, their experience and knowledge are key attributes that enables us to offer our standout installation services to the MVHR industry. Our installers are trained to an exceptional level whilst following and maintaining Apex ventilations methods and ethos. Our installation team has over 10 years combined MVHR installation, maintenance and on site experience.

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Qualifications & Registrations
We are a team of highly skilled, qualified and insured Engineers and Installers.

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