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Self Build Installation
Help & Guidance

Apex Ventilations Ltd Discovery

At Apex, we understand that some project managers and self-builders would rather give the MVHR installation to their builders, other tradespeople or complete themselves. 

This can sometimes throw out certain issues: 


  • Is the MVHR design being followed correctly? 

  • Are the manufacturer guidelines and Part F building regulations being followed and implemented? 

  • Will the overall installation aid the functionality of the MVHR system and aid the ease of commissioning?

  • Are the specified materials being used and installed correctly?

  • Have they put in enough time to install correctly within the overall building schedule?


We offer a series of site visits to aid your MVHR self-installation project.

One of our engineers or lead installers can come to site and expertly advise and teach how to get the MVHR installation moving in the right direction.

We can offer and price the following services either separately or package certain ones together for a lower overall cost.

Pre Installation Visit/Toolbox Talk

A member of our team would attend site for 4-5 hours and go through the design and how to interpret main parts into the installation, we can offer advice and tips to get the installation correct the first time round, we can even show how to cut steel ducting the correct way.

Post Installation Visits


(installation inspection)

We will attend site once installation has been completed, we can head to site at the end of 1st fix and 2nd fix installation. From this visit we can look over the installation and pick up on any issues and advise any changes that need to be made.

2nd fix installation


(completed by Apex Ventilations)

Our installation teams attend site to takeover installation and complete the 2nd fix installation. 


We can complete commissioning under Part F building regulations, we balance, sign off and handover your MVHR system. Producing a completed certification afterwards.


Previously we have also completed consultancy work for clients who required an experienced take on the MVHR system, here we were able to offer an hourly rate for time on phone calls, emails and zoom calls. 

Please get in touch with us if this is something that would benefit your project. 

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